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The entirety of this site is protected by copyright and cannot used without my permission. If you would like to use some of my images, please contact me first. For commercial use, publication and general distribution, please inquire about licensing and/or print rates. You can contact me using the info from the Contact page.

Sources / References:

Most of the articles are written by me. I let my friends write articles and tag them as guest posts then write their real or pen name below each posts.

Blog Comments: 

If you choose to submit a blog comment, only personal information that you voluntarily provide as part of the comment will be shared. All comments are moderated, and only those that comply with good common sense and manners will be publicly posted. This does not mean that negative comments will not be posted; instead that all feedback will be reviewed for appropriateness prior to posting. Spam and offensive or inappropriate comments will not be posted.

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Content on other web sites is not owned or managed by me. It is your choice to visit those web sites and your choice about what you view on those sites.


I previously own a Nikon D3000 and HTC One V, used these to capture images for use on this site.  Now I’m using my Samsung NX1000 and Iphone 6. For editing I sometimes use Adobe Lightroom 3 or Adobe Photoshop CS5. These pics are tagged with my blog’s logo for copyright purposes.


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