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Last February, my best friend Ishy and I went to Cagayan de Oro to experience their famous White Water River Rafting, the local scenery and of course the province’s local delicacies. We’ve been raring to go for the longest time and we were both excited on the day of our flight. We made sure we haven’t forgot anything essential for this trip. Ishy prepared our itinerary. It’s also a good thing that my previous roommate is originally from CDO, as she shared some tips on restos or food places she thought we shouldn’t miss.

Speaking of local food, Marang is one of the must try fruits in CDO. I first tasted it during my vacation to Zamboanga back in grade school. Abundant in Mindanao so you can find it in most of its provinces, it’s sweet and easy to eat. Though if you plan on bringing some home, be sure to pick the not-so-ripe ones. The ripe ones can easily spoil and its sap can splatter all over the place.

We also went to this place called “Jo’s Manukan” or Jo’s Chicken Inato. We all know how manukans like this are a hit in the South. It’s said to be the oldest “Manukan” in CDO.

We tried their Chicken Inato, and we added pancit since I was craving for it. ‘Inato’ obviously means ‘Inasal’ in local parlance.

As a Pinoy tradition before going home, we went to the pasalubong center to buy some for friends and family back home and we stumbled upon the famous Vjandep Pastel. It’s your common dinner roll but with “Yema” fillings as a twist. A word of warning, though: it’s quite addictive. :p

Before going home, we went to the pasalubong center to buy the infamous Vjandep Pastel. Its a bread with “Yema” fillings and as a warning, it’s quite addictive. :p

(Got this pic from the net for illustration purposes only. Me forgetting to snap a photo of our pastel experience is, I admit, a brain fart. Pardon me.)

As the plane shuddered a little bit when its wheels kissed the NAIA runway, I cannot help but look back in awe of the wonderful experience that is Cagayan de Oro. I look forward to another adventure with Ishy. Anyway, be sure to check out these places and food when you get to CDO. You’ll definitely not regret it.

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