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After our French class, my classmates and I decided to grab a bite and look for a resto near UP. Mando was kind enough to guide us to a lovely resto along Maginhawa Street In Teacher’s Ville. Since he’s the “pasimuno” of this lunch out, I asked him if he could write this one’s review (again.) Yeah I know I’m lazy lately but since he’s been there a couple of times, he’s a better (and more credible) critique this time. Anyhow, here’s his review.  Mind you, he’s more meticulous so you might see grades and even a summary at the end of the whole article. Who knows, I might adopt this system 😀


If you’re on a budget and starving, there’s this little cul-de-sac along Maginhawa Street in Teacher’s Village. It’s an Italian pizzeria named Friuli Trattoria, and they are more than just pizzas. One Saturday afternoon, we trooped to this cozy resto. We were spent after tongue-twisting “paroles” and deciphering “leçons” by our “monsieur enseignant” in next-door UP Diliman.

The vibe feels very Italian with the cliche checkered tablecloth and the customary Italian music on repeat. We decided to eat al fresco because we had no choice. The resto was full.

Service was quick and prompt. The waiters seemed happy. Here’s the report card for the items we ordered:

All Meat Pizza – It’s all meat, all goodness, good for 4 full-grown men (we were 4 girls and a guy, so you could imagine the doggy bag takeout), all for a crazy 229. B+ for ‘blew us away’.

Margherita Pizza – We ordered this for our quasi-seafood-cum-vegetarian friend and I loved the subtleness of the flavors of the sun-dried tomatoes submerged in hot cheese. B- for being the buffer/complement to the strong taste of the All Meat Pizza.

Putanesca Pasta – The sauce was tangy, just the way I liked it. No angel hair pasta, though, so we had to settle for the typical Fiesta pasta that you can find in groceries. C- because there is no way I can give this a B because this just didn’t put a smile on our faces.

Tuna & Mushroom Pasta – Sauce wasn’t as spicy as advertised. But the creamy stillness of the white sauce and the tuna and mushrooms work well together. C for solid.

Red Iced Tea – Nothing much to say except that it’s your basic red iced tea.

Overall Grade: C+


Hungry and on pauper mode and craving for some quick Italian? This is your best bet. It doesn’t break the bank, the food is palatable enough to pass for Italian fare, but please. This is not a date place, not a place to bring somebody when you’re trying to impress, you can not woo somebody if you bring him/her to this place. It’s a cozy hangout place to crash in between classes, or a meetup place when you’re meeting someone for an actual date somewhere else, or a place to grab quick Italian cuisine if you’re starving and on a budget. It’s not pretentious nor does it ever aspire to be, which is a breath of fresh air in this time of faux haute fusion cuisine with hefty price tags. It’s perfect in its own little way.

Explanation for Marking System:

A – Superior
B – Above Average
C – Average
D – Below Average
F – Failing

*Photos courtesy of Mando’s phone :p


Located at:
#79A Maginhawa St.
UP Village,
Quezon City

Store hours:

10am to 2am daily
*Last order is at 1am

Estimated Budget:

You can check their Facebook account for more details:


  1. marcy

    good job in reviewing guys! never liked italian food anyways except caesar salad… wonder why its named caesar salad or d c section for caesarian- did Julius invent the salad or was he a ob gyne in Gaul??? hmmmmm


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