Let the countdown begin

Proposal PNG

November of last year, my boyfriend popped the question. Of course I said YES. No reason to decline 🙂

We’ve been together for almost 2 years and we’ve been talking about settling down for almost a year now. Our parents never asked us if we’re ready, because we all know we are. We are happy, they are happy. And now all my dad talks about is when will I give him grandkids.

Time is really fast.

Last year, I thought we have a whole year to prepare for our grand day. We’ve already booked most of the suppliers  and we already have our list of entourage, guests and things we need before the ceremony. 6 months to go. 6 MONTHS?!

There are still a few things to do. I’ll be doing the invites, as well as the baskets of the flower girls. I’ll also handle the printing of the thank you tags, as well as the program for the reception.

I’ve already fitted the inner lining of my gown and I still need to shed a few (or more) pounds so it could perfectly fit. A few more months to go. Makes me squirm.

I’ve heard and read that preparing for a wedding is stressful. Now that I am actually doing it, it really is a handful. From budget to food; invitations to souvenirs, everything must be dealt with.

And it gives me a big headache.

I think I need a big cup of gelato and 6 pieces of Takoyaki. (-_-)

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