Random musings: Money and savings

When I was in high school, I borrowed a friend’s Discman. My mother got so angry, and told me I should never borrow something as expensive as such and never acquire something I cannot pay for. I didn’t understand why she was so infuriated with that simple borrowing.

College. Mom was struggling with bankruptcy. I cannot ask for more allowance but she gave me enough to get by and paid for my school fees. I don’t know how she did it. She’s really incredible.

When I started working, my allowance stopped. I was left with my own bills and payed for my own meals, necessities, etc. I never thought of saving. I was naive. I wanted to go places, have fun, mingle and simply enjoy my money. I thought “I deserve this” and for a couple of years, I was spending it like there’s no tomorrow.

Until I met someone who is the provider of his family. I envied his stories, how he saves yet enjoys a few travels; how he provides yet still go on dates. He said, “it’s a matter of budgeting and setting your priorities.” He also said, he doesn’t buy things that are not within his budget and doesn’t acquire anything he cannot pay for. Then I remembered what my mom told me.

“If you really want something, work hard for it. Save. This is not for us, this is all for you.” – My dad’s preaching.

At a young age, my parents were trying to teach me how to value money. My mom was furious back then because I borrowed something expensive and if broken, she will have to pay for it.

Why am I saying this? Because I’m tired of seeing posts from people who complains about not having enough food to eat, no money for education or no more to spare for paying their debts/bills, yet they have lots and lots to spend for gadgets, branded clothes and even Starbucks.

Thank God for unfollow options. 🙂

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