TGIF – Worth the wait?

It was once Il Pirata, now it’s TGI Friday’s.

We got so excited when we saw TGI Friday’s banner. Of course we’ll miss Il Pirata, though Friday’s is another thing to look out for.

Before our shift, my friends and I decide to try out the newly-opened resto. Personally, I really had my hopes up since they are:

1. Famous for their food;

2. They really have good steaks; and

3. They are pricey.



So we ordered an appetizer platter which has: shrimp, squid, chicken, fries and fish. All fried and ready to be consumed.

We also had buffalo chicken wings with baked potatoes.

The verdict: it was disappointing. The appetizer platter was cold and almost burnt. The squid was so chewy, my jaw almost locked up. The chicken was so crispy yet overcooked. And the buffalo wings were small and overcooked as well. It’s not worth our money at all. 🙁


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