The Farm Organics


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Organic food that won’t put a black hole on your side pocket? That’s The Farm Organics. Everything my family and I had in this restaurant was delicious! The Organic roast garlic chicken I ate was juicy and seasoned well, and mum’s Roast beef with mashed potatoes were flavorful. But the star of the restaurant is a simple yet scrumptious dish called Bone marrow with farm bread. I didn’t know that bone marrow is great when grilled until now! Before, I thought you could only get its full flavor if you use it in nilaga.

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If you’re into eating free-range meat and organic vegetables, go to this place! The owner of the restaurant has his own organic farm, and he gets most of his ingredients from there.

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Tomato soup with croutons – 10/10
Farm salad – 8/10
Home bread with kesong puti – 10/10
Roasted organic chicken – 10/10
Grilled organic bone marrow – 10/10
Roast beef – 8.5/10
Avocado smoothie – 10/10
very berry smoothie – 10/10
Strawberry Cheesecake -10/10

The Farm Organics Restaurant is located in Bonifacio Global City.

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