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Wearing my fave TV series

I’ve always been a TV person, though books are still my first love.  I even have a small library at home. From TV series to movies, I used to have marathons every weekend as long as I have no where else to be.

My recent faves are Game of Thrones and The Big Bang Theory. GOT brings a medieval fantasy epic type of story that is a buffet of themes: war, tragedy, triumph, death and even love. The Big Bang Theory on the other hand is a hilarious yet witty series about physicists who brings geekery to another level.

(photo credit: winteriscoming.net)

And of late, I’ve been seeing a lot of folks wearing character shirts.  I’ve had a few of my own (Big bang’s soft kitty lyrics, Finn and B-mo from Adventure time, Elmo, Transformers and Voltes V) and most of them are given by friends or bought from department stores.

(photo credit: coolwallpapersforfree.com)

I really wanted a Bazinga shirt and I’ve been telling a friend that purchasing it from a store overseas is a bit expensive. I’ve also had some bad encounters with couriers whenever I purchase items from another country.

Then that exact friend told me she’ll send me one. Apparently, she and her partners have this online shirt business and they make Bazinga shirts!

Lucky! 🙂


She even added a Heneral Luna tee that I also like. So in return, I decided to feature their company here. I interviewed Rain, a partner and the Business Manager of MadHouse Ave.

Henral Luna


Here’s a short history : MadHouse Ave was established in Baguio, February 22, 2015. It started as an online t-shirt business, which caters an array of geek shirts, referencing varied TV Series, Movies, Literature, Theater and other Fandom Realms. To date, they are a brand partner of Empire Fashion Cafe, located at 143 Maginhawa Street, Quezon City at the Sikatuna side of Maginhawa Street.

Their top selling designs are:
They have an ongoing promo!
3 shirts for 999 PHP – FREE SHIPPING nationwide
 *for a minimum order of three (3) shirts, any design
For orders and inquiries, you may contact Chris at 0917 851 1312 (via SMS or Viber)  or drop them a message using their FB Page: www.facebook.com/madhouseave. You may also check them on IG: @madhouseave.
*This is a sponsored post. Though all opinions expressed are my own.

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